FRA offers a product range with natural sources of hydrolysed lecithin which are able to improve feed efficiency and considerably reduce feed costs.

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Intensive animal production requires high nutritious feeds. In practical diets fats and oils may represent a large part of the energy. However, fats and oils are lipophilic substances that need to be emulsified in order to be absorbed in the digestive tract, an aqueous environment. In young animals like piglets and broilers, this is a real challenge, because of the limited bile production. In case of digestive problems, fat digestion will deteriorate first.

Proper dietary fat

Fat rich diets are a must for animals in modern industries to grow fast and efficient. However, fat digestion is a real challenge for young broilers and weaned piglets, as they do not produce sufficient amounts of bile acids for proper emulsification. Without proper emulsification, dietary fat cannot effectively be used and may be a real risk to develop digestive problems.

Lyso-lecithins are hydrolysed lecithins that are known for their strong capacity to promote an oil-in-water emulsification. They have the ability to enhance the emulsification process, stimulate fat digestion and improve nutrient absorption. Framelco developed products with a natural source of hydrolysed lecithins which are able to improve feed efficiency and considerably reduce feed costs


  • Maximize fat energy
  • Lower feeding costs
  • Stimulate growth
  • Improve animal performance

Hydrolyzed soy-lecithin

  • Various concentrates
  • GMO or Non-GMO
  • Reformulate or on-top

FRA LeciMax

Fra Products



FRA offers a product range consisting of α-monoglyceride applications, based on patented technologies. FRA developed multiple blends to target industry specific challenges.


FRA offers combinations of different specific enzymes which are proven to be effective in supporting nutrient digestibility, feed efficiency and reducing the risk of digestive problems.


Next to our core technologies, FRA continuously seeks new solutions to address industry specific challenges in relation to efficiency optimization and maintaining profitability.

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