Next to our core technologies, FRA continuously seeks new solutions to address industry specific challenges in relation to efficiency optimization and maintaining profitability.

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The intensive animal industry constantly faces challenges related to the increase of feed costs and the prevalence of diseases caused by different pathogens. The whole production chain should further optimize efficiency in order to maintain profitability.
In addition, the reduction of antibiotic use presents us with the need to find better feed solutions. Next to our core technologies we continuously seek new solutions to address these challenges. Trends and developments in our field are a source of inspiration for us to conduct new research, both in practice and at renowned institutes, to provide the industry with additive solutions to increase productivity and profitability in a sustainable manner.


  • Nano coated minerals
  • Nano coated vitamins
  • Mycotoxin binders
  • And various other additives

Special solutions

  • Solutions for all species
  • Promote animal health
  • Improve animal performance
  • Increase profitability


FRA offers a product range consisting of α-monoglyceride applications, based on patented technologies. FRA developed multiple blends to target industry specific challenges.


FRA offers a product range with natural sources of hydrolysed lecithin which are able to improve feed efficiency and considerably reduce feed costs.


FRA offers combinations of different specific enzymes which are proven to be effective in supporting nutrient digestibility, feed efficiency and reducing the risk of digestive problems.

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