Starting a career at FRAmelco during Covid-19

Governments encourage companies to work from home as much as possible to contain Covid-19. This also applies to FRAmelco’s new employees, hired because of the increasing demands for feed additives.

Sven Jansen, the new addition to the Marketing Department is graduated from Tilburg University when Covid-19 rapidly started spreading through The Netherlands. Sven was asked to conduct his job interviews while in front of his webcam in the attic. Result: Sven was welcomed by FRAmelco.

Sven: “The last few months have been very exciting for me. After I received my master’s degree in Business Communication and Digital Media, I was a bit uncertain if I would be able to get a job in these economically hard times. There were not as many jobs offered as before the crisis, but I actively replied to marketing and communication functions that looked interesting to me. I was selected for a couple online job interviews at different companies, one of them being FRAmelco. The company made a strong impression on me and luckily this was vice versa because I got hired quite fast.”.

Sven: “The picture above is taken at my first working day. I received a brand-new laptop and started working from home without ever physically seeing my workplace or co-workers. I had to get acquainted with the company from home, with only my laptop and phone. Luckily, my colleagues guidance through videocalls was great and therefore I was quickly able to take on tasks myself. I introduced myself online to the rest of the company and I received a very friendly welcome, which immediately made me feel at ease. Hopefully, the covid-19 virus will be quickly contained so that we can discuss work without the intervention of laptops.”.