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FRA C12 found in blood

FRA C12 is an antimicrobial and antiviral product which is active on feed level, in the digestive tract and inside the animal body. 

The unique virtues of FRA C12 allow this product to be partially transported to the systemic circulation via the so called intestinal lymphatic transport system meaning that the main constituent, a-monolaurin, can induce its antibacterial and antiviral effects inside the animal body as well. 

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In order to demonstrate that the above mentioned intestinal lymphatic transport system applies for  α-monolaurin a study was conducted at a pig farm in The Netherlands. The test was conducted in fattening pigs and lasted 14 consecutive days. The treatment animals received 10 gram of α-monolaurin per day on top of their basal diets whereas the control animals did not receive any α-monolaurin. Blood samples were taken at start of trial and at the end of the trial period.

The outcome of this experiment has proven that a-monolaurin was present in the blood samples of fattening pigs supplemented with FRA C12. The blood samplesof the control animals did not show any presence of a-monolaurin.

In case you want more information regarding our in-house method to analyse α-monolaurin in blood samples kindly contact us here. Our R&D department can also provide you the full trial report upon request.

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Antibiotic reduction

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