Minsk, Belarus

FRA Technical Seminar

In the third week of Februari FRA organized a successful Technical Seminar in the Belorussian capital.

Our local partners where invited to attend the two-day technical update, which was given by our team of nutritionists. The seminar focussed on antibiotic reduction by applying the FRA feed technologies.

Seminar Minks 3kopie.jpg

The seminar was split up in four sessions, which covered the following topics:

Gut Health

Applying our products containing α-monoglycerides to prevent dysbacteriosis and therefore promoting a balanced bacterial flora inside the animals intestines. FRA products containing α-monoglycerides: 

  • FRA Gut Balance
  • FRA LAC34

Feed Utilization

Adding enzymes to feed formulations will enable animals to better utilize the macro- and micro-nutrients from the raw materials used in their diets. FRA products containing enzymes:

  • FRA Octazyme
  • FRA Phytase

Nutrient Absorbtion 

FRA's hydrolyzed lecithin promotes micelle formation and improves nutrient absorption in the small intestine:

  • FRA LeciMax

Feed Safety

FRA's Feed Safety Program consists of additives that reduce harmfull pathogens and toxins in raw materials:

  • FRA LiquiSal
  • FRA Maxibind

At the end of the seminar the attendees were able to better understand the concept of Eubiotic Nutrition and how they can apply this to local challenges. 

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