Maximize your gross income with FRA LeciMax

“Minimal Nutrition” offers a practical strategy that combines a reduced nutrient density of feed with careful use of specific feed additives termed as “digestive enhancers” such as FRA LeciMax to maintain good zootechnical performances.

Introduction to “Minimal Nutrition”

The challenge of “Minimal Nutrition” is to find the diet composition which results in optimal animal performance, giving the maximal return.

FRA® LeciMax Dry

Dietary emulsifiers are “digestive enhancers” that release more nutrients from the feed matrix. They can be added on top of the formulation to increase the nutritional density of a diet, improving broiler performances and, hence increasing profitability. An example of a “digestive enhancer” is FRA LeciMax Dry.

FRA® LeciMax Dry is a product containing hydrolyzed lecithins on a carrier of silica and is known to improve fat and nutrient digestion, thereby increasing metabolizable energy (ME) and amino acid (AA) availability in broiler feeds.

Instead of increasing ND, maximize profits by adding FRA® LeciMax on top of your feed.


FRA offers a product range with natural sources of hydrolysed lecithin which are able to improve feed efficiency and considerably reduce feed costs.