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FRAmelco is a family-owned company specialized in the development, manufacturing, and marketing of animal feed and drinking water additives worldwide. We provide the industry with additive solutions that allow both agriculture and aquaculture to increase productivity and profitability in a sustainable manner.


In a world with limited natural resources and a growing population, there is an increasing demand for high quality meat, milk and eggs. We aim to play a leading role in the research and development of sustainable feed additive solutions and actively pursue our goal to become a leading force in the feed and drinking water additives market in 2020.


We dedicate ourselves to provide farmers with feed and drinking water additive solutions that promote animal health and performance while reducing the use of antibiotics in the food value chain.

FRA approach | Creating value together

Our approach towards solving customers’ problems is driven by our collaborative relationship with those customers. At its core is our Research and Development team that combines academic knowledge with practical experience from our technical sales managers to develop product applications that increase productivity and profitability in a sustainable way. Together with our customers, we identify, develop, and apply distinct programs to ensure optimal results. FRAmelco’s additive solutions create value through effective implementation by our technical sales managers.


Our business is not defined by just taking orders and delivering products. At FRAmelco, we are devoted to developing long-term mutually beneficial partnerships with our customers. Together we can move forward, react to market changes, develop sustainable additive solutions, and continuously improve service and product quality.


Safety is a global public health concern. We take pride in ensuring that all of our products and manufacturing processes are safe for people, safe for the animals, and safe for the environment. Sustainability is all about securing food supply for future generations. FRAmelco is committed to exploring new ways to produce meat, eggs and milk in an economic way while safeguarding the environment. Our additive solutions facilitate the continued development of sustainable agriculture and aquaculture.


FRA quality | High quality products & service

Our products are the outcome of carefully selected natural ingredients, extensive research and practical experience. We take pride in delivering high quality products and service. Our commitment to quality and active collaboration with customers give rise to the best results, thereby ensuring a lasting business partnership. Our manufacturing facilities have been ISO accredited, and our quality management systems incorporate HACCP principles to provide full traceability and quality assurance. FRAmelco’s quality management department is GMP+ (good manufacturing practice), Fami QS and Trustfeed certified.

FRA innovation

Research and development are fundamental to our strong growth worldwide in today’s ever changing animal feed industry. All of Framelco’s solutions are based on extensive literature studies and animal trials carried out in collaboration with different international research facilities. Our out of the box thinking, innovative spirit, technical know-how, worldwide experience, and close partnerships with our customers are key elements present in everything we do, from product development to manufacturing technology, distribution, and after-sales service. Our strong innovative spirit and market driven approach strengthen our ability to convert our technical capabilities into solutions.

World class R&D

As talented individuals are key to corporate success, we nurture a culture that stimulates idea generation and personal development. This leads to an environment where our researchers and technicians can develop innovative solutions. FRAmelco’s team of chemists, biologists, nutritionists, veterinarians and engineers from all over the world collaborates with universities and research facilities to turn challenges into additive solutions. Our philosophy of developing people who can convert novel ideas into reality helps us to fulfill our customers’ needs.


FRA technology

FRAmelco specialize in the development, manufacturing and marketing of high quality animal feed and drinking water additives worldwide. A health, performance, safety and nutrition program has been designed for poultry, swine, ruminants, pets and aquaculture. Our strong innovative spirit and market driven approach combined with working in close collaboration with our customers allow us to provide the industry sustainable additive solutions in that meet the current and future demands. Our applications are mainly based on 1-monoglycerides, enzymes and nano-coated vitamins & minerals.


Based on an innovative technology, we introduced 1-monoglyceride-applications in the animal industry. 1-Monoglycerides are produced by esterifying undissociated fatty acids with glycerol and work via the bloodstream of the animal. Their unique mode of action and characteristics result in a strong antibacterial and antiviral effect. Our 1-monoglcyerides are available in both liquid, and dry form, and are heat stable, odorless and pH-independent. This technology is developed to reduce medication costs.


Our multi-enzyme concept consists of eight main enzyme activities produced by different micro-organisms in different fermentation processes under different fermentation conditions. This allows a more efficient breakdown of the complex feed matrix, the use of alternative protein sources, and a greater release of more nutrients such as energy and amino acids. Formulators can save on their raw material costs while improving technical results. Our multi-enzyme concept can be applied in both liquid and dry form. By applying nano-coating technology we have also developed a heat stable powder form. We will offer the first EU registered multi-enzyme formulation combining eight different main enzyme activities.

Nano-coated vitamins & minerals

Based on extensive research, we developed a wide range of nano-coated minerals and vitamins. FRAmelco’s nano-coating is heat stable, environmental friendly and safe for both animals and humans. Applying these minerals and vitamins enhances bio-availability by an efficient target release and by an increased stability during feed production and feed digestion.

FRA careers

As Framelco is a global player who is well known for its innovating spirit we know that gifted individuals are the key to success. Attracting new talents is fundamental to maintaining our growth in the future. Our young and energetic team of experts is always welcoming newcomers. Framelco is constantly expanding its business and looking for new team members in almost all continents. Worldwide we employ multi-cultural skilled personnel. We are confident in saying that proficient candidates find their challenge at Framelco. Framelco provides the necessary tools to nurture personal development.

That is why Framelco kindly invites highly motivated talents to apply here.

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