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  • 5th MPS Cruise

    FRAmelco will attend the 5th Mediterranean Poultry Summit, from October 20th to 25th. This Summit is organized by the Mediterranean Poultry Network of WPSA and is a Conference of a Cruise.


    For more info kindly visit:


  • Saudi Agriculture 2016

    FRAmelco will attend the Saudi Agriculture in Riyadh, from October 2nd-5th. Please visit us at the Holland Paviljon. Stand 530-2.


    For more info kindly visit:


  • Eurotier 2016

    FRAmelco will attend the Eurotier 2016 in Hannover, from November 15th-18th. Please visit us at one of our stands:

    Hall 18 - stand C40, Hall 21 - H20, Hall 22 - B12


    For more info kindly visit: www.eurotier.com 

    Our global sales team will provide all visitors an update on all of our latest developments regarding our 1-monoglycerides and our multi-enzyme products. 

    Hope to see you soon!

    Ps. For more info kindly visit: www.eurotier.com 

  • VIV China 2016

    Framelco will attend the VIV China 2016 trade fair as an exhibitor. This event will be held in Beijing, China from September 6th-8th. Visit our booth: C016 - Hall W1


    For more info kindly visit: www.vivchina.nl/en

    Suppliers and purchasers from all over the world will come together at the NCIEC which is located nearby the international airport. As China is one of our focus markets FRAmelco, together with its official local partner Bioscwin, will attend as an exhibitor. Both local and international technicians will provide all visitors an update on all of our latest developments in China. Our 72 sqm2 booth can found at stand no. W1. C064. 

    Looking forward to seeing you.

    Ps. For more info kindly visit: www.vivchina.nl/en 

  • FRA at Poultry Summit Europe 2016

    FRA® was present at the Poultry Summit Europe 2016 which was held May 16-18 in Utrecht, the Netherlands.

    The theme of the summit was: "A world without antibiotics?"

    Nutritionist Ir. André Meeusen, gave a very interesting presentation on the point of view on Eubiotic approach for food safety. 

    His presentation is available by request.

    POSTED : 2016-05-31
  • VIV MEA 2016

    FRAmelco attended VIV MEA in Abu Dhabi and it was a very succesfull exhibition for the team. It was the first time the VIV MEA took place in Abu Dhabi. Ir. Meeusen from FRAmelco held a presentation about Eubionic Nutrition during a side seminar organized by the Dutch Poultry Centre. 

    POSTED : 2016-02-23
  • FRA® Gut Balance

    Our new product 'FRA® Gut Balance' is recently launched and has a multifactorial approach, which makes this a unique product.


    This novel FRA-product has a multifactorial approach due to its unique composition. FRA® Gut Balance consists of a combination of monoglycerides of propionic acid, butyric acid, caprylic and capric acid.


    This combination makes FRA® Gut Balance active against both gram positive and gram negative bacteria, like E. Coli, Salmonella and even Campylobacter.


    Due to the unique properties of monoglycerides, FRA® Gut Balance survives the acid environment of the stomach and will be active in the stomach and at gut level (higher pH).


    FRA® Gut Balance is the most potent antimicrobial agent active at gut level. Another unique virtue of FRA® Gut Balance is that it can be applied via both feed and drinking water.


    FRA® Gut Balance, when applied correctly, can be used in combination with other gut health enhancer, like probiotics and essential oils and/ or traditional acidifiers. 


    In case you want to know more or check our trial results, please do not hesitate to contact us.


    POSTED : 2015-08-03
  • FRA® C 12 found in blood

    FRA® C12 is an antimicrobial and antiviral product which is active on feed level, in the digestive tract and inside the animal body. 

    The unique virtues of FRA® C 12 allow this product to be partially transported to the systemic circulation via the so called intestinal lymphatic transport system meaning that the main constituent, a-monolaurin, can induce its antibacterial and antiviral effects inside the animal body as well. 


    In order to demonstrate that the above mentioned intestinal lymphatic transport system applies for a-monolaurin a study was conducted at a pig farm in The Netherlands. The test was conducted in fattening pigs and lasted 14 consecutive days. The treatment animals received 10 gram of a-monolaurin per day on top of their basal diets whereas the control animals did not receive any a-monolaurin. Blood samples were taken at start of trial and at the end of the trial period.


    The outcome of this experiment has proven that a-monolaurin was present in the blood samples of fattening pigs supplemented with FRA® C 12. The blood samplesof the control animals did not show any presence of a-monolaurin.


    In case you want more information regarding our in-house method to analyse a-monolaurin in blood samples kindly contact us here. Our R&D department can also provide you the full trial report upon request.


    POSTED : 2015-08-03
  • FRA® Butyrin line

    FRAmelco's proudly presents its brand new FRA® Butyrin line. The FRA® Butyrin line is the industry's no. 1 butyric acid glyceride product.

    The FRA® Butyrin line consists of different additives based on monoglycerides of butyric acid and triglycerides of butyric acid. Each product also contains a combination of essential oils and flavour enhancing aromas.


    In case the market situation demands more antimicrobial activity on gut level we recommend our FRA® Butyrin Mono product. However, if the main goal is to release butyric acid on gut level we recommend the FRA® Butyrin Ultra. For an optimal cost-benefit ratio we highly recommend the market to apply the FRA® Butyrin Hybrid solution as this product provides both a very strong antimicrobial effect while delivering a high amount of butyric acid to the epithelial cells.


    The FRA® Butyrin line is developed to be applied via the feed. Yet, FRA® Butyrin Mono liquid, can also be administerred via the drinking water. 


    The FRA® Butyrin line products are now officially available. For more information we suggest you contact us here

    POSTED : 2015-08-03
  • VIV Asia 2015 Symposium

    On Tuesday March 10th 2015, the VIV Asia 2015 Symposium took place at the Novotel hotel Phloenchit in Bangkok, Thailand. 

    The main topic of the seminar was: correct implementation of FRA-products leads to >90% reduction of antibiotic usage. A specific case study was presented by Dr. Helder Pinto, product manager at FRAmelco.


    He opened his presentation by explaining the on farm situation. The introduction was followed by a clarification on how the combination of FRAmelco's FRA Easy Minerals were applied together with FRA C 12.


    Should you be interested in receiving the powerpoint presentations kindly contact our R&D department here.

    POSTED : 2015-06-04
  • VIV Asia 2015

    This year in March FRAmelco exhibited at the VIV Asia 2015 in Thailand. This event brought together nearly 40.000 industry specialists.

    During this trade fair FRAmelco once again showcased its restyled corporate identity to the market.


    Furthermore the FRA technicians present at this show focused on how proper implementation of FRA-products may lead to a significant reduction in antibiotic usage.


    If you've missed us do not hesitate to contact us here.



    POSTED : 2015-06-04
  • FRA® LiquiSal liquid

    We hereby announce that an anti-Salmonella product, specifically designed for the MENA region is currently under development. 


    This novel FRA-product is the outcome of an extensive collaboration between FRAmelco's R&D department and our MENA & Asian FRA-partners. FRA® LiquiSal liquid consists of a combination of short chain free fatty acids, monoglycerides of short chain free fatty acids, phytogenics and different natural aroma's.


    This product will be applied via the drinking water system and aims to reduce and eliminate Salmonella outbreaks in poultry. Preliminary studies show promising data.



    Our R&D department expects that the official launch of this product will take place somewhere around the end of Q3 2015.


    In case you want to know more do not hesitate to contact us.


    POSTED : 2015-08-03
  • AgraME 2015

    FRAmelco attended the AgraMe 2015 in Dubai as an exhibitor from March 16th until March 18th with great success.

    This year the fair took place at the International Convention & Exhibition centre in Dubai. This exhibition served as a platform for FRAmelco's technicians to share with the industry specialists our ideas on how to bring the production efficiency to a next level.


    We hereby want to thank all of our visitors for their support during this event.


    In case you want to get in touch with our specialists click here.

    POSTED : 2015-06-03
  • PRRS control - FRA® C 12 dry

    On Friday May 29th 2015 FRAmelco released it's first article regarding reducing the risks caused by PRRS by implementing FRA C 12 dry.

    A combination of monolaurin, micro-ingredients and emulsifying agents in sows’ diets has a beneficial effect on the piglets and can serve as a tool to reduce pathogenic pressure of the PRRS virus. This was shown from a farm study, performed by the company FRAmelco.


    To read the full article kindly select one of the links below:




    For more info contact our R&D department here.

    POSTED : 2015-06-03
  • Optimize sow lactation diets

    Recently FRAmelco have placed an article online regarding the implementation of monoglycerides in sow lactation diets.

    The publication highlights the importance of sow nutrition. As well it explains the concept of implementing monoglycerides of both short chain fatty acids and medium chain fatty acids in sow lactation diets and what effects can be expected in piglets. 


    Several studies conducted in Asia and Europe are described.


    In case you are interested in reading the full articles kindly click on the following links:




    For additional information kindly contact our R&D department here.



    POSTED : 2015-06-03
  • Antibiotic free pig farm

    On Wednesday January 28th 2015 the online website "All About Feed" published an article on the project: Antibiotic free pig farm Ireland.

    Preliminary results from a mutual research project between Irish research institute Teagasc (TEAGASC), University College Dublin (UCD) and Dutch feed additive producer FRAmelco shows very promising results in the ability of applying feed additives* to treat digestive and respiratory problems in pigs. 


    To read the full article kindly click on the following link.

    POSTED : 2015-01-28
  • FRA® Udder Health dry

    FRAmelco proudly announces that FRA® Udder Health is currently 100% ready to be marketed worldwide.

    Over the past few years together with several FRA-distributors we worked hard on finding the ideal composition and application of this product.


    FRA® Udder Health dry is developed to improve udder health, reduce mastitis incidence and reduce SCC in milk. This application is part of our Ruminant line Health program.

    All of the ingredients of FRA® Udder Health dry are nano-coated in a fat matrix ensuring a target release. 


    FRA® Udder Health dry allows farmers, nutritionists and veterinarians to have a solution to one of the most common disease syndromes in beef and dairy cows.


    Please contact us here if you want to learn more FRA® Udder Health dry.

    POSTED : 2015-01-28
  • Request your log in details

    Dear FRA-partners. At FRAmelco we believe that communication is key to becoming succesful in this constantly changing industry.

    It has been a while since we launched our new FRAmelco website. 

    Now, via this update we request you to click on the following link: http://www.framelco.com/page/login and request your personal log in details.

    As you are part of the FRAmelco family you will have full access to our trial reports and our data sheets.


    We have nearly uploaded all of the available documents and we're ready to let you in!


    * Do take note that these data sheets are our latest standard FRAmelco data sheets.

    POSTED : 2015-01-28
  • Distributor meeting Eurotier

    Last month during the Eurotier, on November 10th 2014, FRAmelco organized a FRA distributor meeting 2014 in Hannover Germany.

    Thanks to the many FRA-partners from all over the world this event has been very successful. Different presentations were giving by FRAmelco specialists. Also the FRAmelco distributors from the UK, Czech Republic, China and Bangladesh have shared their experiences by presenting trials conducted in their regions. Last week all presentations were sent to the attendees.

    In case you would like to receive more information about this event or if you have any other questions please do not hesitate to send us an e-mail

    POSTED : 2014-12-15
  • Eurotier 2014

    The Eurotier 2014 has been a very good exhibition for us and we would hereby like to thank all attendants for making this possible.

    Our 120 sqm2 booth again served as the home base for all of the attending FRA-partners. Besides the newly formed business relationships we also made use of this opportunity to properly update our FRA distributors on all of most recent developments.

    Are you curious about our latest developments? Feel free to contact us here

    POSTED : 2014-12-15
  • VIV China 2014

    FRAmelco and its partner Bioscwin attended the VIV China 2014 trade fair in Beijing China as exhibitors.

    As the Chinese authorities are more and more concerned about food safety there is an increasing demand for innovative and high quality products such as the FRA 1-monoglycerides. In the coming years FRAmelco, together with its partner, will invest in establishing the FRA-brand in China, one of the world's largest markets. In case you've missed us at the VIV China 2014 or if you want to know more about the availability of the FRA-products in China feel free to contact us here.


    POSTED : 2014-10-09
  • FRA Symposium China 2014

    In collaboration with its partner Bioscwin FRAmelco organised on September 22nd an official FRA symposium in Beijing China.

    This event took place at the Hilton Airport Hotel Beijing China and brought  together over 300 technicians from the entire Chinese animal industry. Several specialists from The Netherlands, China, Portugal and Taiwan presented the one of the industry's major topics at this moment: Food Safety. In case you're interested in receiving a handout of the presentations given at this symposium please send us an e-mail.


    POSTED : 2014-10-09
  • FRA VIV Europe 2014

    The FRA VIV Europe 2014 has been a great success for the entire FRAmelco team. Visitors from all over the world came down to The Netherlands to attend our three-day-happening.

    The informative seminars, interactive distributor meetings and business discussions at the exhibition all went very well thanks to the input of our FRA partners. Due to the magnificent VIV-organisation the VIV Europe 2014 also served as a platform to develop new business relationships. Want to see the impression video of this event? Download the movie by clicking here.

    POSTED : 2014-07-10
  • Take it easy!

    Based on extensive literature studies FRAmelco now proudly presents a wide range of nano-coated minerals and vitamins.

    Our in-house developed unique coating process is heat stable, environmental friendly and safe for both animals and humans. Applying these minerals and vitamins enhances bio-availability by an efficient target release and by an increased stability during feed production and feed digestion. Please contact us here to request more information about our FRA Easy minerals & vitamins. 

    POSTED : 2014-07-10