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Salmonella under control with LiquiSal

The prevalence of Salmonella in broiler flocks regularly exceeds 1%. Although clinical symptoms usually do not show up, it definitely has a negative impact on animal performance and profitability. Moreover, there is a real risk for food safety as meat may become contaminated. Salmonella prevalence therefor is a serious challenge for the complete production chain.

Traditionally, Salmonella is treated with antibiotics. This is however not preferable because of the development of antibiotic resistance and the possibility of residues in meat. In order to control Salmonella, a multifactorial approach is desirable. FRA LiquiSal Liquid is designed to boost animal performance by reducing the number harmful bacteria, in particular gram-negatives like Salmonella. The product is composed of various powerful organic compounds, which act synergistically.

Salmonelle in different organs

The effect of FRA LiquiSal Liquid was recently tested at the University of São Paulo. Broilers, orally challenged with Salmonella Heidelberg, were treated with either fosfomycin via feed or FRA LiquiSal Liquid via drinking water. Both treatments reduced the number of Salmonella found in different organs, but the preventive use of FRA LiquiSal Liquid turned out to be more effective compared to the therapeutic treatment of fosfomycin. In order to reduce the Salmonella prevalence, it is recommended to use FRA LiquiSal Liquid during the whole production cycle as in commercial farming it is not precisely known when a Salmonella infection will hit the flock.