FRA Swine Line

Enzymes and nutrients for swines

The FRA Swine Line applications provide farmers, feed millers, and premixers with a tool to improve animal performance in a sustainable way. Applying our Swine Line solutions will result in increased profitability and reduced antibiotic usage.

FRA Swine Line species

  • FRA Swine Line species

    Conditions and health issues

  • Chronic, Acute or Sub-clinical

    PIA or PPE

    PIA (Porcine Intestinal Adenomatosis) or PPE (Porcine Proliferative Enteritis), also known under the names Garden-hose Gut, Proliferative Haemorrhagic Enteritis (PHE), Necrotic Enteritis (NE) or Ileitis, is still one of the most common diseases in fattening pigs worldwide and causes serious economic losses.