Antibiotics have been increasingly used in farm animals both to prevent and treat diseases as well as to promote growth. However, in most countries world wide the use of antibiotics is now restricted due to problems with antimicrobial resistance, which directly affects human health.   

Today, one of the biggest challenges in animal husbandry is to reduce the use of antibiotics while maintaining animal performance on a high level. Health and hygiene, feed composition and farm management are all laying under a magnifying glass. Small imperfections will become visible.



Looking at feed, more attention needs to be paid to raw material quality and origin, feed processing and the use of feed additives. Framelco developed a range of non-antibiotic feed additives to promote animal health. Short and medium chain fatty acids have well been proven to support gastrointestinal health and animal performance. They are therefore widely used in the feed industry. However, they are only bactericidal in their undissociated form at a low pH, like in the stomach or gizzard.


Less use of antibiotics

The α-monoglycerides of specific short and medium chain fatty acids, developed and patented by Framelco, are pH-independent. They are therefore much more powerful in their antibacterial effect. The α-monoglycerides are an important nutritional tool to safely reduce the use of antibiotics in animal husbandry.