Formulating revolutionary additives

We dedicate ourselves to formulate the most innovative feed additive solutions that promote animal health and performance. Take feed formulation to the next level
and increase productivity and profitability. 

  • α-monoglycerides

    • Improves animal health
    • Active in the entire GIT
    • Antimicrobial effect
    • Liquid and Dry
  • Lyso-lecithins

    • Maximize fat energy
    • Lower feeding costs
    • Stimulate growth
    • Improve animal performance
  • Enzymes

    • Multi-enzyme blends
    • Reduce anti-nutritional factors
    • Maximize liberation of nutrients
    • Improve animal performance
  • Specials

    • Nano coated minerals
    • Nano coated vitamins
    • Mycotoxin binders
    • And various other additives

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Antibiotic reduction

Antibiotic reduction

We are devoted to reduce antibiotic usage