FRA offers combinations of different specific enzymes which are proven to be effective in supporting nutrient digestibility, feed efficiency and reducing the risk of digestive problems.

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In today’s animal production systems, high and sustainable growth is necessary to compete in the global market. However, with complex diets containing high amounts of cereals, cereal and oil seed by-products and the use of legumes and industrial by-products like DDGS, this a real challenge. Especially in young animals like piglets around weaning and broilers, in which the digestive tract and endogenous enzyme production are not yet fully developed. As a result, impaired nutrient absorption and diarrhoea are commonly seen in practice. As part of the solution, enzyme supplementation have been proved to be very helpful to support the digestion of young animals.

Benefit from the right fibres and enzymes

The withdrawal of animal proteins from feeds for food producing animals and the high prices for fish proteins, challenge nutritionists to compose feeds from vegetable protein sources. Modern feeds contain by-products from the oil-industry and agro-industrial by-products like dried distiller grains and solubles (DDGS). These vegetable based feeds contain high amounts of complex fibres, which are a real challenge to the micro-flora.

To gain full benefit from diets with high levels of anti-nutritional factors and fibres, a multi-enzyme system that contains both NSP-enzymes as well as α-galactosidase, -mannanase and pectinase, may be of great interest. Protease and α-amylase supplementation may be needed to maximize the utilization of proteins and starch as endogenous enzyme production may not be sufficient in young animals. Combining different specific enzymes has proven to be effective to support nutrient digestibility and feed efficiency and reduces the risk of digestive problems.


  • Multi-enzyme blends
  • Reduce anti-nutritional factors
  • Maximize liberation of nutrients
  • Improve animal performance

Enzyme activities

  • Xylanase
  • β-glucanase
  • Cellulase
  • α-galactosidase
  • β-mannanase
  • Pectinase
  • α-amylase
  • Protease

Fra Products



FRA offers a product range consisting of α-monoglyceride applications, based on patented technologies. FRA developed multiple blends to target industry specific challenges.


FRA offers a product range with natural sources of hydrolysed lecithin which are able to improve feed efficiency and considerably reduce feed costs.


Next to our core technologies, FRA continuously seeks new solutions to address industry specific challenges in relation to efficiency optimization and maintaining profitability.

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