Maximize meat production with FRA® Butyrin Hybrid

Fat growing and heavy broilers often suffer from woody breast and white striping, which results in major economic losses. FRA Butyrin Hybrid, a concept based on tri- and alpha-monobutyrin, increases breast meat weight, fillet yield, and additionally improves breast meat quality. Resulting in maximized meat production and a higher consumer acceptance.

When fat growing and heavy broilers suffer from woody breast and white striping, producers may face meat rejection by slaughterhouses. Woody breast cannot be sold as fillet, and white striping negatively affect consumer meat acceptance. Ultimately, meat must be sold at lower prices and this results in major economic losses in the food chain. Therefore, it is important to find a balance between higher meat production and breast meat quality.

FRAmelco developed FRA Butyrin Hybrid to increase breast meat weight in broilers in a sustainable way. Multiple scientific papers demonstrate that supplementation of tributyrin to broiler diets increases breast meat weight and alpha-monobutyrin is known for its effect against Gram-negative bacteria. This ensures low pathogenic pressure, allowing more energy to be used for growth. Combining tributyrin with alpha-monobutyrin in broiler diets fortifies the effects of both.

FRA® Butyrin Hybrid was compared with a control group at a commercial broiler farm in Poland under supervision of the University of Life Sciences of Poznan. While the total weight of the broilers remained the same, the trial concludes higher breast meat weight in broilers administered with FRA® Butyrin Hybrid. Resulting in higher total fillet yields (kg) when FRA® Butyrin Hybrid is supplemented via feed. Expressed in percentages:

        - Fillet yield is increased with 0.8 percent points in production cycle 1.

        - Fillet yield is increased with 0.5 percent points in production cycle 2.

Table breast meat weight.jpg

Fillet yield is about increasing the size of the fillet while maintaining the size and health of broilers

Not only did FRA® Butyrin Hybrid increase breast meat weight and fillet yield, but it also had an effect on breast meat quality. Improving meat tenderness, one of the most important quality parameters. Applying FRA® Butyrin Hybrid to broiler diets is therefore an effective way to maximize meat production and increase consumer acceptance.

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